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        About us

        About Omura

        Since its establishment in 1989, we, OHMURA Co. LTD., have been distributing various building materials such as tiles, natural stones, artificial stones, bricks and iron works, etc. that we import from all over the world to Japan through our own channel that enables us to supply very unique and special products with competitive prices.

        Our idea of business is not only depend on technology such as Internet, but our buyers go directly to the factories to talk face to face and to check production process and quality. Through these efforts, we can build mutual understanding with suppliers and take all the stock under the good control with superior quality that enables to meet any inquiry from our clients at the right time they need it. We basically ship the materials within 1 working-day. Our clients enjoy and appreciate this great advantage of quick respond to their inquiries.

        OHMURA had its start with a small warehouse though, we have been having successful expansion of business through our history thanks for grateful partnership and cooperation of the clients, and currently 7 warehouses are on the operation to storage our huge stock. Add to this, the number of our clients has reached to more than 29,000 companies in June 2018.

        Since its beginning, we have been publishing our original unique catalogue which is well-known in the market to all over Japan and the 51st catalogue is going to be published in January 2019. The catalogue is updated twice a year that makes it possible to present the world’s newest trend to Japanese market as the fastest setter.

        Keeping our motto “Plus your color into your living life” ahead, we continuously make the best efforts to give the people “a dream” of their ideal living life and make it comes true by our products. We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude to all the clients and suppliers for the great opportunities of collaboration that we are enjoying with them.

        Currently 7 warehouses are on the operation. We assist big projects with our large storage capacity.
        Having supply of rich kinds of products from over 30 countries.
        We ship free samples to all over Japan.
        Our buyers go directly to the factories.

        Company brochure

        Name OHMURA CO.,LTD
        Location Zip code 621-0042
        15-1Nishinohata Takanobayashi Chiyokawa Kameoka,Kyoto,Japan
        Establishment Since 1989
        Capitalization 10 million yen
        Representative CEO Yoshiharu Ohmura
        Number of employees 40
        Business activities Distribution of imported building materials
        ( tile, natural stone and brick tile etc... )
        Main customers 29,000 companies

        Company scene

        Sample & Showroom
        Sample & Showroom
        Exhibition Hall
        Stock Storage
        Quality Checking
        Materials prepared for the shipping

        Access to Ohmura